EV-MSCC0835 - Evaluation Kit for LWIR Imager Core

EV-MSCC0835 - Evaluation Kit for LWIR Imager Core

Miniature infrared imaging and sensing evaluation kit for 80x80 resolution MSCC0835 camera core


Key Features

Contemporary Communication and Debug Interfaces

MSCC0835 Compact LWIR Imager Core

USB powered Dual Core MCU with External Flash Memory

Cross Platform Compatible API

All-in-one solution for IR camera developers

Individual ARM Cortex© Core dedicated to kit user

Technical Specifications

Compatible Hardware MSCC0835, MSCC0835RF, EX-MSCC0835RF
Physical Interfaces 10-pin Mini IDC (SPI, I2C, UART), 4-pin Header (Debug
UART), 4-pin smd pads for digital IO
Programmability ARM JTAG/ USB Programmable via Mikrosens Software
Electrical Power < 500mW, USB, 2-pin header or 10-pin IDC powered
Electrical Interface UART, SPI, I2C, SCT IO and USB Command &
Communication Interfaces
Software Available with advanced image processing capabilities
and cross platform API
Platform Compatible with any MS Windows©, Linux, MacOS
powered hardware with USB 2.0 interface and most of
the IOS© and Android© powered mobile phones and
Weight < 20gr with MSCC0835 Compact LWIR Imager Core
Physical Dimensions 35mm x 35mm x 15mm (h)
Availability - Pre-tested evaluation kits are available
- Reference camera design, example firmware, and universal
API are available