Thermal camera with 80x80 resolution

Technical Specifications

Sensor FPA MS0835A, 80x80 FPA with 35µm detector pitch
Lens Options F/1.3, F/1.2 and F/1.0, no shutter included
Spectral Range 7.5µm – 13.5µm (LWIR)
Dimensions 2.3 inch cube
Weight 80g with F/1.3 optics
Electrical Power < 500mW, USB powered
Electrical Interface USB 2.0 compatible standard data stream
CMOS parallel data available with synchronization signals
Camera Electronics Sensor is directly wire bonded on the PCB
Power regulators, low noise ADC, low power MCU
Frame Rate Up to 30fps (may be limited by the connected mobile platform)
Video Signal Resolution 14 bits
Data Stream 16 bits resolution, frame/row tagging
Software Available with advanced image processing capabilities and SDK
Platform Compatible with any MS Windows© powered hardware with USB 2.0 interface and most of the Android© powered mobile phones and tablets
Availability Pre-tested cameras are available