Teknik Özellikler

Detector Technology Microbolometer
Wavelength 7.5µm – 13.5µm (LWIR)
FPA Size 160 x 120 (QCIF)
Detector Pitch 70µm
NETD < 200 mK with F/1 optics
Electrical Power Dissipation < 50 mW, 5.0V power supply
Frame Rate Up to 30 fps, programmable
Readout Mode Rolling line
Video Output Single analog output with 3.0V swing
Physical Dimensions 6” CMOS wafers, 15.5mm x 15.0mm die dimensions
Video Synchronization Master mode with self trigger, slave mode with external sync signal
Physical Dimensions 6” CMOS wafers, 14.5mm x 11.5mm die dimensions
Availability Tested dies and wafers are available as engineering samples
Engineering Characterization Platform Testing platform (electronics, firmware, software, and SDK) is available