Teknik Özellikler

Detector Technology Microbolometer
Wavelength 7.5µm – 13.5µm (LWIR)
FPA Size 160 x 120 (QCIF)
Detector Pitch 50µm
NETD < 300 mK with F/1 optics
Electrical Power Dissipation 30 mW, 5.0V power supply
Frame Rate Up to 30 fps, programmable
Readout Mode Rolling line
Readout Gain Programmable
Video Output Single analog output, 3.0V swing, optional reference
Sensor Programming Interface 3-wire SPI, 3.3V swing digital I/O
Video Synchronization Master mode with self trigger, slave mode with external sync signal
Physical Dimensions 6” CMOS wafers, 14.5mm x 11.5mm die dimensions
Availability Tested dies and wafers will be available as engineering samples @ Q2/2015
Engineering Characterization Platform Testing platform (electronics, firmware, software, and SDK) will be available @ Q2/2015