Prof. Dr. Tayfun Akın, Co-founder and CEO

Prof. Akın is a renowned expert in the field of MEMS and its various applications both in the defense and civilian market. An internationally renowned academician, he has served in various MEMS, Eurosensors, and Transducers conferences as a Technical Program Committee Member. Prof. Akın was the co-chair of IEEE International Conference of Micro Electro Mechanical Systems held in Istanbul in 2006 and he is the local coordinator of the FP6 NoE Project AMICOM and the coordinator of the PF7 REGPOT project METU-MEMS.

Prof. Akın is currently a Professor at the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at the Middle East Technical University and the Director of METU-MEMS Center. He holds Ph.D. and M.S. degrees from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and a B.S. degree from the Middle East Technical University, Ankara, and  is the author of numerous international journal and conference publications in the field.

Dr. Selim Eminoğlu, Co-founder and CTO

Dr. Eminoğlu co-founded Mikrosens with Prof. Akin in 2011. He has 15+ years of infrared experience in academics and the industrial field. Prior to Mikrosens Dr. Eminoğlu was  an Assistant Professor at the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences at the Middle East Technical University. He gained a broad range of experience in the industry  as a staff scientist at Teledyne Scientific and Imaging, LLC (formerly Rockwell Scientific).

Dr. Eminoğlu has 2 published US patents,  and is the author of several journal and conference publications. He holds Ph.D., M.S. and B.S. degrees from the Middle East Technical University, Ankara.

Zafer Zamboğlu, VP Sales and Marketing

Mr. Zamboğlu joined Mikrosens in October 2011 as VP of Sales and Marketing with over 12 years of experience in engineering, marketing, business development, and professional services operations. At his last company, a VC-funded digital video broadcast/compression startup headquartered in Silicon Valley, he managed a team of FAEs both in the US and overseas, then moved on to Europe (London, UK) to improve the company’s EMEA operations. Mr. Zamboğlu has held leadership roles with several companies in Silicon Valley, including OmniVision, a publicly traded market leader in CMOS technology, where he managed the CMOS imaging product line for the medical segment.

Mr. Zamboğlu has 1 published US patent and 1 pending application. He holds an M.S. degree from the Johns Hopkins University and a B.S. degree from the Middle East Technical University, Ankara.

Dr. Murat Tepegöz, Microelectronics Design Manager

Dr. Tepegöz joined Mikrosens in October 2011 as Microelectronics Design Manager. He has a broad range of technical experience in CMOS and MEMS technologies with an emphasis on design, manufacturing and quality control.  Prior to Mikrosens, Dr. Tepegöz was the Design Lead at Mikro-Tasarim, a technology start-up that focuses on integrated circuit design for various applications.

Dr. Tepegöz holds Ph.D., M.S. and B.S. degrees in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the Middle East Technical University, Ankara and has authored/co-authored several publications.