MikroSens is a fabless semiconductor company that designs and markets cost-effective uncooled microbolometer sensors, camera and software solutions for a wide range of infrared imaging applications.

Ultra-Low-Cost IR Sensors

Company's pioneer product, MS1670A, is a QCIF (160x120) infrared sensor for applications requiring optimum performance at best value.

Click here to download the MS1670A product brief.

OEM Camera Modules

For customers who would like a head start with their infrared camera design, Mikrosens also offers a ready-to-go reference design kit, i.e.: OEM camera module, in a compact package.

Click here to download the MSE070D product brief.

"IR-Smart" Software


Mikrosens has recently announced an IR-smart people counting application running on its ultra-low-cost sensor, MS16070A.

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